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Magnesian Limestone Magic Talk


Reading The Rocks



An Adventure In Time(PDF)

Geological time in a single day


The effect of  water depth on ice-proximal glaciolacustrine sedimentation: Salpausselka I, southern Finland


Growth and retreat of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet, 31 000 to
15 000 years ago: the BRITICE-CHRONO reconstruction

Coastal memories a history of the …

A history of the Blackhalls and Hesleden


Cooper et al (PDF)

Changing coastlines in NE England: a legacy of colliery spoil
tipping and the effects of its cessation

Cliffs, caves and curious rocks


A 4-mile walk from Nose’s Point along part of England Coast Path in County Durham

Daniels et al


Nature and origin of collapse breccias in the Zechstein of NE England

Journal of Quaternary Science


Retreat dynamics of the eastern sector of the British–Irish Ice Sheet
during the last glaciation

Maurice Tucker


Marine Permian of western Europe: beautiful rocks, remarkable stories

Mawson and Tucker


High-frequency cyclicity in slope-apron carbonates: Zechstein(Upper Permian), North-east England

Murton & Murton lakes review (PDF)

Middle and Late Pleistocene glacial lakes of lowland Britain and the southern
North Sea Basin

PD6 ( locality 6 )

Blackhall Rocks & Cross Gill NR

Perri et al
Journal of Sedimentary Research

Biotic and Abiotic Processes In the Formation and Diagenesis of Permian Dolomitic Stromatolites (Zechstein Group, NE England)

Roberts et al

The mixed-bed glacial landform imprint of the
North Sea Lobe in the western North Sea

Shennan et al. 2018


Relative sea-level changes and crustal movements in Britain and
Ireland since the Last Glacial Maximum

Sturt et all 2013

New models of North West European Holocene palaeogeography and


UKAFH Seaham

Seaham: Geology and Fossils